How to help when your child needs a needle poke

“Needle pokes are one of the most common sources of pain for children seeking emergency medical care. Needle pokes may be used during healthcare visits to collect blood, deliver medication and fluids, or to numb certain body parts while stitching, for example. This video provides information about needle pokes and useful tips for parents and families who have a child that may require a needle poke” (Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids, TREKK).


It Doesn’t Have To Hurt

“Kids upset about the pain and distress of getting a needle? It doesn’t have to be this way. Watch the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research’s 2-minute video to learn some tips about how it can be easier for everyone. And the best news? These tips are all backed by scientific research!”

Also available in French: Ça n’a pas besoin de faire mal


Maya’s Bloodwork Tips

“Maya gives us tips on how to get through blood work with ease and shows us the Wall of Courage” (



Learning How To Manage Pain During Medical Procedures

“An entertaining video guide for families to learn about how pain works and how to have more control over your pain, your body and your experience during medical procedures” (



Find more videos here:

  • Immunize Canada: Immunize Canada provides a list of video resources on reducing immunization pain in different languages including French.

Last Updated: June 15, 2020